I'm a professional in the crypto space focusing on investing, research, strategy, and venture building. This site will be utilized to document my own thinking, journey, and learning experience while also hopefully providing value for others.

Contact: https://twitter.com/ManoppoMarco


I currently lead research at 📝✍🏻 Digital Asset Research (DAR), a crypto research and market data firm for institutional investors. Our work includes the FTSE Russel and Bloomberg crypto indices.

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Beyond my day job, I am involved with:

Chain Catalyst by Launchy

Pensive Pragmatism by Marco Manoppo

Research & Education

I spent my college days studying Industrial Engineering/Operations Research at Purdue University. After discovering crypto in late 2016, I spent my time reading about crypto instead of studying supply chain and thermodynamics. My strength lies in having the privilege and opportunity to understand the opposite spectrums of a system or concept.

I'm an institutional-degen – who understands how legacy financial institutions think about crypto, as well as what's happening with the latest DeFi project that tries to facilitate monkey JPEGs derivatives.

I'm a third culture kid – who understands how the US & other developed markets think about crypto, as well as how the space is developing in Emerging Markets.